React Node MERN Marketplace - Build A Hotel Booking App

React Node MERN Marketplace – Build A Hotel Booking App

Harness the power of JavaScript with React Redux Node MongoDB and Stripe to build a Global Marketplace and Make Money!

Have you ever dreamed of building your own marketplace app and start making money? Well, It is about to become true! In this course, you will learn to build a Marketplace app with similar concept used by sites like eBay, Udemy, E-commerce Marketplace, Online Service Booking (for example for car servicing), Hotel Booking, Beauty Parlor Booking etc

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What you’ll learn

  • Build full stack marketplace app using MERN (MongoDB Express React Node) Stack
  • Learn to integrate Stripe payment to build a robust marketplace
  • Learn the core concept of marketplace app – Collect money and pay out to sellers
  • Earn money as a platform owner by taking percentage on each sale
  • Build lightning fast modern web apps using full stack JavaScript, React, Redux, Node, MongoDB and Stripe
  • Gain the valuable skill required to build any type of marketplace including E-commerce apps
  • Learn advance use case of Stripe to automate entire payment workflow to build a multi user marketplace app
  • Learn to build separate server/API and client/Web app using MERN stack
  • Learn to write your own JWT based Authentication System from scratch
  • Advance CRUD and Search

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