React & TypeScript Chrome Extension Development [2022]

React & TypeScript Chrome Extension Development [2022]

Learn Google Chrome Extension development using modern web frameworks. JavaScript, React, TypeScript, Webpack and more!

Welcome to the comprehensive Chrome Extension Development course using modern web frameworks in 2021. This is the only course on Udemy that is focused on building extensions using modern technologies like TypeScript, React and Webpack along with standard JavaScript and HTML/CSS development. Using popular frameworks means that the skills you learn in this course building extensions will be transferrable to general web software development.

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What you’ll learn

  • The ins and outs of Chrome Extension development in 2022
  • Deploying your completed extension to the Chrome Web Store for real users
  • Standard extension development in basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript and modern development in React and TypeScript
  • Design a build system for developing extensions using Webpack
  • Build user interfaces using popular component libraries like Material UI
  • Using HTTP requests in your chrome extensions to interact with third party APIs
  • Work with simple command line tools such as Git and NPM
  • Learn to use Manifest Version 3 Chrome APIs, newly released in 2022
  • Build a multi-featured weather extension built in React, TypeScript and Webpack
  • Design an ad blocker extension that covers the basic principles of ad blocking
  • Create a study focus timer extension built in simple JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • Build a mini TV show search extension and text-to-speech extension
  • Bonus mini-section covering the basics of Chrome Extension themes

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