Reactive Programming in Modern Java using Project Reactor

Reactive Programming in Modern Java using Project Reactor

Learn to write fast performing Asynchronous and NonBlocking code using the Reactive Programming principles and Reactor.

Reactive Programming is a new programming paradigm that’s well suited for applications that are required to perform better under heavy load. Reactive Programming is built on the foundation of reactive streams specification. Project Reactor is an implementation of Reactive Streams Specification. This course is designed to provide both theoretical and practical knowledge about reactive programming using Project Reactor. This is a pure hands-on oriented course and all the concepts are explained by writing code.

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What you’ll learn

  • What is Reactive Programming?
  • When to use Reactive Programming ?
  • Write Reactive Code using Project Reactor
  • Different Operators that are part of Project Reactor
  • Reactive Streams Specification
  • Build Non Blocking Rest Clients using Spring WebClient
  • Unit Test the Reactive Code using JUnit5
  • Reactive Types Flux/Mono

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