Redis Bootcamp for Beginners: Get Hands On with Redis 5.

Redis Bootcamp for Beginners: Get Hands On with Redis 5.

Dive Deep in Redis and Learn the most Demanding NoSql Database. Go From Absolute Beginner to Advanced in Redis.

This Course Help you understand and apply Redis, including its various commands and options. Having database skills is absolutely vital for developers to avoid getting left behind and to maximize job and consulting opportunities. Key concepts you will learn and work with in this course. NOSql Database(very much an in-demand technology). Redis (one of the worlds most loved database). Datatypes. Transactions

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What you’ll learn

  • Will have great hands on knowledge in latest Redis 5.
  • Fully capable to use Blazingly Fast NoSql Database.
  • Students will have solid understanding of Redis fundamentals
  • Showcase Redis Knowledge in front of employers.
  • Student will have solid understanding of deploying NoSql database.
  • Be able to get solid foundation of Redis advance commands.

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