Rock the JVM! Akka Essentials with Scala

Rock the JVM! Akka Essentials with Scala

Learn the Akka actor model with Scala and write parallel, concurrent and fault-tolerant systems with Akka supervision

In this course, we will learn how to write concurrent and resilient applications using Akka actors. You’ll write 2000+ lines of Akka code yourself, with guidance, and you will become a rockstar. This course is for Scala programmers who need to design complex and scalable concurrent applications.This course is for established programmers with experience with Scala and with functional programming at the level of the Rock the JVM Scala beginners course. I already assume a solid understanding of general programming fundamentals.

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What you’ll learn

  • create concurrent applications with actors instead of threads and locks
  • design fault-tolerant systems with supervision
  • configure Akka for various scenarios
  • confidently test actor systems
  • use Akka patterns and best practices

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