Ruby on Rails Crash Course: Authentication and Authorization

Ruby on Rails Crash Course: Authentication and Authorization

Code-Along and learn to build a Web App MVP covering all aspects of Authentication and Authorization functionality.

This course can be interesting for Ruby on Rails developers of all levels: for beginners and for veterans. As a beginner, you will get the whole experience of thinking and building the core lifesystem of any modern Web Application. As a veteran, you will get acquainted with some exquisite approaches for problem-solving, and features that you could have not encountered in the past. We are not going to cover the fundamentals of what Ruby and Rails are: there are other, more basic courses for that. Instead, we will dive straight into coding along and building our application step-by-step, feature-by-feature. As well all enrolled students will have access to the source code, support materials and discussion groups. Looking forward to seeing you inside!

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What you’ll learn

  • create, edit, invite, ban, unban, delete, inivte users to your app
  • gem devise for logging in
  • devise confirmable – confirm email to use app
  • devise lockable – ban / unban users
  • manage user roles
  • restrict user access based on roles
  • log in with google
  • log in with facebook
  • log in with twitter
  • log in with github
  • invite users via email with devise_invitable
  • connect Amazon SES email service for sending emails for free
  • deploy applications to production like a PRO
  • invisible recaptcha

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