Rust & WebAssembly with JS (TS) - The Practical Guide

Rust & WebAssembly with JS (TS) – The Practical Guide

Learn to code in Rust. Compile the code to WebAssembly. Prepare JS/TS frontend and create browser-based Snake game.

The course starts with an explanation and practical examples of the Rust language. You will learn Rust-specific features such as “moving” and “copying”. Rust doesn’t have a garbage collector. Memory is cleared when the values are getting out of the scope. You will learn how to manage this concept with ease. The next feature you will learn of is borrowing and references. Through references, you will be able to access values without owning them.

In the beginning lectures, we will also talk about memory management in Stack and the Heap structures, modularity, strings, and other essential topics. After Rust’s introduction lectures, you will start building your Snake game. You will learn how to structure the application modular and cleanly.

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What you’ll learn

  • Create a browser game made in Rust/WebAssembly and Javascript
  • Understand Rust language in practical and fun way
  • Use gained knowledge to create your own applications
  • Establish yourself in the field of the exciting Rust development environment

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