Symfony 4 & 5 Web Development Guide: Beginner To Advanced

Symfony 4 & 5 Web Development Guide: Beginner To Advanced

Master Symfony PHP framework: from theory, through simple crud app, up to creating an advanced Real Life Application

Welcome to the course of Symfony (incl. 4 & 5 version) – the great PHP framework! In this course you will learn Symfony from basic to advanced level! By the end of this course you will be able to create both simple websites and complex dynamic web applications in the great Symfony PHP framework. Symfony is one of the most popular PHP frameworks. Symfony 4 version introduced a new approach to php frameworks – it starts small as a microframework and grows as you need new features. You install them using the amazing Symfony Flex tool.

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What you’ll learn

  • You will create two apps: simple crud app and an advanced video sharing service with PayPal integration, deployment to Heroku etc.
  • You will learn Symfony 4 from theory to advanced level by creating real life projects
  • You will learn how to create multilevel nested categories tree in PHP
  • You will learn how to install Symfony
  • You will learn about Symfony configuration
  • You will learn about Symfony Flex
  • You will learn about HTTP processing workflow in Symfony framework
  • You will learn routes
  • You will learn controllers
  • You will learn views in Symfony using Twig
  • You will learn html forms in Symfony
  • You will learn Doctrine ORM (how to use database)
  • You will learn entities (models) in Symfony and relations between them
  • You will learn about service container & services in Symfony
  • You will learn dependency injection (autowiring in Symfony 4)
  • much more..

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