Testing and Monitoring Machine Learning Model Deployments

Testing and Monitoring Machine Learning Model Deployments

ML testing strategies, shadow deployments, production model monitoring and more

Learn how to test & monitor production machine learning models. This is the first and only online course where you can learn how to test & monitor machine learning models. The course is comprehensive, and yet easy to follow. Throughout this course you will learn all the steps and techniques required to effectively test & monitor machine learning models professionally. In this course, you will have at your fingertips the sequence of steps that you need to follow to test & monitor a machine learning model, plus a project template with full code, that you can adapt to your own models.

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What you’ll learn

  • Machine Learning System Unit Testing
  • Machine Learning System Integration Testing
  • Machine Learning System Differential Testing
  • Shadow Deployments (also known as Dark/Decoy launches)
  • Statistical Techniques for Assessing Shadow Deployments
  • Monitoring ML System with Metrics (Prometheus & Grafana)
  • Monitoring ML Systems with Logs (Kibana & the Elastic Stack)
  • The Theory Around Continuous Delivery for Machine Learning

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