Text Analysis and Natural Language Processing With Python

Text Analysis and Natural Language Processing With Python

Use Python and Google CoLab For Social Media Mining and Text Analysis and Natural Language Processing (NLP)

MY COURSE IS A HANDS-ON TRAINING WITH REAL PYTHON SOCIAL MEDIA MINING- You will learn to carry out text analysis and natural language processing (NLP) to gain insights from unstructured text data, including tweets. My course provides a foundation to carry out PRACTICAL, real-life social media mining. By taking this course, you are taking an important step forward in your data science journey to become an expert in harnessing the power of social media for deriving insights and identifying trends.

Best Seller CourseTime Series Analysis, Forecasting, and Machine Learning

What you’ll learn

  • Students will be able to read in data from different sources- including websites and social media
  • Social media mining from Twitter
  • Extract information relating to tweets and posts
  • Analyze text data for emotions
  • Carry out Sentiment analysis
  • Implement natural language processing (NLP) on different types of text data
  • Introduction to some of the most common Python text analysis packages

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