The Complete Digital Marketing Planning Course 2018.

The Complete Digital Marketing Planning Course 2018.

Step-by-Step Training to Create and Implement a Profitable Digital Plan to Thrive in a Crowded Online World!

With the right guidance, you are the best person to create your digital marketing plan. That’s why I am excited to bring an actionable digital marketing planning training course to Udemy. My training empowers entrepreneurs to create, apply and improve their high-performance digital marketing strategy.

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What Will I Learn?

  • How to Create a High-Performance digital marketing strategy unique to your business goals.
  • Time-tested practices to market online with confidence.
  • How to create sustainable digital marketing systems for a strong foundation.
  • How to Create actionable schedules to use regularly with ease.
  • How to Use data to measure success and to improve your strategy.
  • The 20% digital marketing that produces 80% results.
  • How to add context to the digital Marketing knowledge you know so it works for you.
  • How to audit key digital marketing systems to maximise profits.
  • Bypass the information overload and create a plan in less time!

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