The Complete Font Awesome 5 Course: Beginner's Guide 2019

The Complete Font Awesome 5 Course: Beginner’s Guide 2019

The easiest way to build modern HTML icon based websites with the most popular Iconic SVG, Font, & CSS framework

Do you want to learn the number #1 iconic Web font toolkit that most popular websites use on the Internet? Are you tired of wasting your time on random YouTube videos or Font Awesome courses that are too difficult to follow? Do you want to learn how to build icon based web designs? Does the quality of your image based icons become poor and pixelated when you resize your website?

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What you’ll learn

  • Solid understanding of Font Awesome 5 icon library and how it works.
  • Basic use of Font Awesome 5 classes.
  • Integrating Font Awesome 5 into your Web projects.
  • Set icon sizes.
  • Learn how to set icons to the same fixed width.
  • Use list icons to replace default HTML bullets in unordered lists.
  • Add borders & Pull icons left or right inside of its parent container.
  • How to add basic animations to icons, especially icons in the Spinner Category.
  • How to stack Icons – (Classic Method)
  • How to position Icons – (Classic Method)
  • Add Power Transform effects [Scaling, Positioning, Rotating & Flipping] – (New).
  • Combine 2 icons to create 1 single color shape by Masking – (New).
  • How to add Layers, Text & Counters to Font Awesome icons – (New).
  • Learn the quickest way possible to upgrade your current projects based on Font Awesome version 4 to Font Awesome version 5 using Shim files.

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