The Complete Pandas Bootcamp: Master your Data in Python.

The Complete Pandas Bootcamp: Master your Data in Python.

Pandas fully explained. Real Data. 150+ Exercises. Must-have skills for Data Science & Finance. Seaborn & Time Series.

Welcome to the web´s most comprehensive Pandas Bootcamp with 25+ hours of structured video content and 150+ exercises! This course has one goal: Bringing your Data Handling skills to the next level to build your career in Data Science, Finance & co. This course is structured in four parts, beginning from Zero with all the Pandas Basics (PART I), and finally, testing your skills in a comprehensive Project Challenge that is frequently used in Data Science job applications / assessment centres (PART III). In the last part of this course (PART IV), you will learn how to import, handle and work with (financial) Time Series Data.

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What you’ll learn

  • Improve your Data Handling skills to an outstanding level.
  • Learn and practice all relevant Pandas Methods and workflows based on lastest Pandas Version (Jan 2019)
  • Learn how to import, clean and merge messy Data and prepare Data for Machine Learning
  • Learn how to analyze, visualize and understand your Data with Matplotlib and Seaborn
  • Learn how to import Financial/Stock Data from Web Sources and analyze them with Pandas
  • Practise and Master Pandas skills with Quizzes, 150+ Exercises and comprehensive projects

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