The complete React Native course ( 2nd edition )

The complete React Native course ( 2021 edition )

Take you coding to the next level with React Native.

Do you want to learn the whole process of building an App ?. This is the course for you. We will start from the very beginning, from “I don’t even know how to install it“ to actually understanding how React Native works and make it communicate with other technologies like Firebase and Redux.

You will learn all the logic and practice behind React Native in different modules, and as we advance through the course we will be increasing the difficulty. Since I believe that the best way to fully learn is by coding, after each important section we will put everything in practice with a very large practice project, using third party libraries, firebase and redux. Since React Native is bases on React for web, you need to know a little bit about React.

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What you’ll learn

  • The very basics of React Native. How to install it and the logic behind it.
  • Once you know the basics of React Native we will journey into the confusing stuff.
  • Install and apply Third party libraries.
  • We will connect our React Native project with Firebase.
  • Everybody is using Redux, so we will learn how to use redux with our React Native App.
  • Apply security, authentication, restricting routes.
  • We will create a Practice app to put everything into practice.
  • You also get a Small React for web course

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