SwiftUI - The Complete Guide - Build iOS Apps with SwiftUI

SwiftUI – The Complete Guide – Build iOS Apps with SwiftUI

Master SwiftUI & Build Beautiful UI for iOS, MacOS, Watch OS with SwiftUI, a Swift based Framework by Apple

SwiftUI is the new declarative, modern Development Framework by Apple. It was created to bring the modern programming and design paradigms to a new level – so that without any hassles, developers, and designers of all levels, we can prototype, build and ship stunning apps.

SwiftUI is revolutionary in that, it focuses on a declarative syntax, that way, developers write code that’s intuitive and that does exactly what it says it does, by declaring each User Interface component in code. In this course, I’ll show you how to think declaratively with SwiftUI by building several apps that explore the breadth of this new and promising development Framework.

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What you’ll learn

  • Build Stunning iOS Apps with SwiftUI
  • Fundamentals of the Swift 5 Programming Language
  • Master iOS App Development with Swift UI
  • Design iOS Apps with the Declarative and Concise SwiftUI Framework

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