The Modern GraphQL Bootcamp (Advanced Node.js)

The Modern GraphQL Bootcamp (Advanced Node.js)

Learn how to build GraphQL applications using Node.js. Includes Prisma, authentication, Apollo Client, and more!

GraphQL is quickly changing how Node.js developers write their APIs and backend applications. It offers a much-needed replacement to the traditional REST HTTP API. It’s by far the most exciting change we’ve seen to Node.js development in a long time. Goodbye Express. Hello GraphQL.

Best Seller Course: Build Full-Stack Apps with GraphQL, Prisma, Node and React

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn and master GraphQL by building real-world Node applications.
  • Use Prisma to store and access data from a production database.
  • Use Apollo Client to communicate with GraphQL from your web app.
  • Learn how to deploy and test your GraphQL applications.
  • Test your skills and gain confidence by completing more than 80 coding challenges.
  • Get access to a free 110-page PDF guide with lecture notes, code samples, and documentation links.

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