The Python Mega Challenge: Practice Python via 100 Exercises

The Python Mega Challenge: Practice Python via 100 Exercises

A Python challenge where you will code 100+ little Python programs on your own and discuss your solutions with others.

Video tutorials are great to learn the basics of Python. You can try out and experiment with the code that the teacher demonstrates in the video. However, never did anyone became a programmer by just watching videos. That is because your brain hardly learns anything when it’s not in problem solving mode. When you put your mind in problem solving mode your mind will devour every piece of information it finds in an effort to solve the given problem. Therefore, if you want to learn Python programming your only way is to sit and solve Python problems on your own. That is what this course is all about.

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn Python 3 by solving Python problems on your own
  • Solve data structures and algorithm exercises to help on your data science journey
  • Create 50+different functions
  • Learn the basics of Python classes
  • Read, write, and extract information from files
  • Extract data from text
  • Optimize your code in terms of processing speed and memory efficiency
  • Introspect your code
  • Learn Python tricks

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