The Ultimate Spine Game Rigging & Animation Course

The Ultimate Spine Game Rigging & Animation Course

Learn Rigging & Animation Techniques in Spine Vol 2

The Ultimate Spine Game Rigging & Animation Course will take you step by step from getting your art ready in Photoshop to rigging and animating in Spine. You’ll also get to create two different animations with two different characters. Each one is rigged to get the most out of each character. The techniques shown can be applied to any animation whether it’s a humanoid or creature. The techniques are the same and they work!

This course will definitely improve your animation skill set and make your work stand out from the rest. Whether your a beginner or more advanced in Spine this course is for you. If for whatever reason your not satisfied get your money back guaranteed!

By the time you finish with the course you’ll go from beginner to expert. Here’s what’s included in the course.

  • Crash course in Photoshop – If your a beginner in Photoshop I’ll guide you through the process of image cutting and painting.
  • How to rig a character in Spine from start to finish.
  • Learn the basics of animation.
  • Learn techniques to polish your animations.
  • How to animate a walk cycle and idle.
  • 11 sections with 35 lectures.
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