The Unreal Arsenal Learn C++ and Unreal Engine

The Unreal Arsenal: Learn C++ and Unreal Engine

Learn Programming and Game Development Fundamentals with C++ and Unreal Engine in this course for complete beginners

If you’re looking for a curriculum to prepare you for a job as a C++ developer, or maybe your ambition is to develop your own indie games – the typical introductory C++ curriculum will not prepare you adequately for industry. Learning C++ concepts in isolation by writing simple console applications is not enough – you must learn to use intermediate features in combination. Intermediate topics such as object oriented programming, pointers, inheritance and templates can be intimidating to students, but I use simple examples, summaries and step by step illustrations throughout.

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn C++ programming fundamentals through simple examples and illustrations
  • Debugging and problem solving skills
  • Learn how C++ is used in real-world projects, with examples from the Unreal Engine codebase
  • Understand how intermediate C++ features, such as object oriented programming, inheritance and templates can be used in combination
  • Apply your newly acquired C++ skills to game development fundamentals in Unreal Engine

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