Ultimate React Native (Build a Cryptocurrency app)

Ultimate React Native (Build a Cryptocurrency app)

Learn how to build mobile apps with react native using firebase as a backend.

This course teaches you how to build business savvy applications that will make your users love using them! I have built numerous applications for companies and learned what it takes to build great ones and thrive in the software development community, if you follow along in this course you will have a great understanding of building awesome apps and the structure you need to maintain great apps and constantly improve them!

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What you are going to learn in this AWESOME course!

  • How React native helps display amazing mobile apps and fast
  • How to display content from a firebase noSql database
  • Basic authentication using firebase
  • Styling using HTML and CSS and a few style libraries
  • Deploying your application to the masses.. Yes through firebase hosting!
  • And so much more

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