The Ultimate Spring Data Developer Course

The Ultimate Spring Data Developer Course

Learn how to make it easier to implement data access with your Spring-powered applications.

Welcome to this course: The Ultimate Spring Data Developer Course. The Spring framework has always had a good support for different data access technologies. It has been the go-to framework for Java developers for quite some time. However, developers had to use technology-specific APIs, which often led to a situation where a lot of boilerplate code had to be written in order to implement even the simplest operations. Spring Data changed all this. Spring Data makes it easier to implement Spring-powered applications that use cloud-based storage services, NoSQL databases, map-reduce frameworks or relational databases.

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In this course, you’ll learn:

  • Learn how to customize your JPA repositories with custom functions
  • Learn how to use an easy way to sort and paginate query results
  • Learn how to configure your application by using Java configuration
  • Learn how to use the Redis key-value store as the data storage for your application
  • Learn how to manage the information of your entities through repository interfaces
  • Learn how to use the Java Persistence API and Redis in your applications without extra hassle

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