Visual Studio Code for C# .NET Developers (2020)

Visual Studio Code for Software Developers

A guide to learn Visual Studio Code (VS Code) for highly productive editing of C# .NET source code in Visual Studio Code

Are you looking to instantly switch from other IDE to Visual Studio Code (VS Code)? Do you feel overwhelmed with the extensive documentation of the Visual Studio Code? Are you eagerly seeking an approach focused on C# .NET programmers to learn Visual Studio Code? Do you genuinely want to know the various hidden gems present in VS Code?

If you had replied Yes for any of the questions prior, then this course is precisely for you.

This specific course will provide significant knowledge on using Visual Studio Code for your next C# .NET Project. You will be certain to completely switch to VS Code. You will be confident to instantly start using the Visual Studio Code as your primary IDE.

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What you’ll learn

  • Master editing the C# files to dramatically improve your productivity.
  • Master navigation and intellisense for C# .NET programs.
  • Power up the Visual Studio Code with Extensions that suits YOUR style.
  • Working with Git and GitHub to backup your code.
  • Debugging tools and options in the Visual Studio Code.
  • Write your own snippets to extend the programming experience even further.
  • Set up and install the Visual Studio Code and .NET Core SDK.
  • Steps to create your first C# project in the VS Code.

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