Vue CLI 3 - Vue JS Development Made Easy

Vue CLI 3 – Vue JS Development Made Easy

Learn Vue CLI 3 For Rapid Vue JS Development and Prototyping

Throughout this course, you will be learning what Vue CLI 3 is and why it was introduced. The command line interface that is provided by the Vue team will help you to generate your Vue JS single-page web applications more effectively than ever. You will be learning everything related to the CLI, from generating a new app to adding plugins, creating presets, using build targets, deployment and a lot more including the new Vui UI. You will learn how to build and serve your apps quickly with the help of Vue CLI 3.

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What you’ll learn

  • Use Vue CLI 3 to create new Vue JS projects from scratch
  • Understand what Vue CLI 3 is and how it can help you to speed up your Vue development workflow
  • Create and use custom presets for Vue project creation
  • Make use of plugins to add features to your Vue project
  • Use Instant Prototyping
  • Make use of build targets
  • Create web components from your Vue project
  • Be able to use the Vue UI to create and manage your Vue project

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