WebDriverIO v5 JavaScript&Node.js automation for beginners

WebDriverIO v5 JavaScript&Node.js automation for beginners

WebDriverIO v5, JavaScript&Node.js, Jasmine building automation testing framework for beginners

This course designed to help QA Engineers with zero knowledge in coding to be able to start building automation testing frameworks from scratch or be able to maintain the existing projects in the current job. Also, this course will be helpful for QA Automation Engineers with knowledge in different tools(Java, Phyton, Ruby, Selenium WebDriver and etc.) to start using JavaScript&Node.js with WebDriverIO v5 for building next-generation testing framework.

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What you’ll learn

  • Set up test automation framework with WebDriverIO v5 and JavaScript&Nodejs
  • Fundamentals in JavaScript
  • Recognize different WebDriverIO test failures and exceptions and know how to fix and avoid them
    Automate your first WebDriverIO test
  • Use Jasmine features for better test organizing and easy WebDriverIO framework maintenance

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