Webpack 4: Made Simple for Beginners

Webpack 4: Made Simple for Beginners

Split your code in modules and bundle all kind of assets using Webpack 4. Clear and simple so you can use it right now.

This course is all about Webpack 4 and my main goal is to make you understand this tool and how to use all of it’s features in a short and clear course. In these two hours that we will spend together I will take you from the basic stuff to the more complex features. After this you will be able to use webpack right after this course in your project.

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What you’ll learn

  • Understand the importance of webpack in the moder web
  • What are loaders and plugins and how to use them in webpack
  • Learn the latest features of Webpack 4
  • Use babel to transpile the JS code from ES6 in standard ES5 which will work in any browser
  • Learn what are JS modules and how they are created
  • Use a development server which automatically compiles the code
  • Optimize your code using tree shaking
  • Configure webpack to compile SCSS/SASS to CSS3
  • Importance of hashing your files
  • Bundle images and files
  • Separate your JS files in different modules and then combine them in one bundle using the dependency graph
  • Use source maps to better debug your application

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