Welcome To Game Design - Master Board Game Design

Welcome To Game Design – Master Board Game Design

Start creating your own Board Games from scratch, using free tools and playtesting with friends.

This course will teach you how to create Board Games from Scratch. We start with the history of video games, then you’ll learn about the game moments and components used to create a game. In the end, you’ll receive a template to start creating your game from scratch and how to publish it. You will also learn how to balance your game to make it fun.

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You will learn about many different aspects of Game Design in Tabletop Games and how they work, such as:

  • How to create prototypes using free tools and without being an artist
  • The History of Tabletop Game Consoles and their Purposes
  • How to choose the best components for your game
  • How the different game components feel in each situation
  • What are the main game genres
  • How the game aesthetics influence in the game
  • How to write good rulebooks
  • What are the main game moments
  • Where to find free assets for your game and use them commercially
  • How to balance your game using math
  • How to separate your game from expansions
  • How to publish and sell your games

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